October 21st, 2006


Frank the goat, in Moscow zoo

Story I stupidly forgot from my last post...

(Disclaimer: I'm sure this retelling of the story is full of mild of inaccuracies, as I've pieced it together from many snippets I've heard ....)

Somebody brought a goat to the big LJ user party here. The management then freaked out, demanding the goat leave the building or they shut down the party. Party organizers were stressed, etc. Understandable.

So the goat's tied up to the fence outside. Poor cold goat, I think. But they tell me goats don't get cold in 1C with all that fur. But as night goes on, it's kinda freaking out or looking scared at least, having so many weird people around and being tied up next to the sidewalk of a street with cars and such.

So they would've taken the goat home, except the car that brought it got broken into or something during the party. So we have a stranded goat downtown Moscow in the cold. Somebody gets on the phone for 3 hours trying to find somebody to take this goat. In the end, they get the zoo to take it in.

That's right... Frank the LiveJournal goat is now a member of the Moscow zoo.

How awesome is that? :-)