November 6th, 2006



I work all weekend on fixing LiveJournal after the power outage, even though I'm not in the ops group (in other words, I could have played the "not my job!" game), and then I get yelled at this morning because I sent off emails saying all the things that were broken that prevented the site from coming back up quickly.

And why?

Because it indirectly hurt one or more people's feelings, people thinking I was implying that they're doing a bad job. Yet several other people thanked me directly for such a great list!

I didn't name any names. That doesn't accomplish anything. I just outlined all the stuff that's fucked up, happily using terms like "fucked up" and "piss-poor". My apologies for swearing when I've been fighting servers for a few days. Big surprise.

international lols

I love getting emails with subjects like:
HA: HA: HA: HA: HA: HA: hi
AW: AW: DNA and Fingerprints
Makes me think something funny ("Ha ha hah!") or something very sweet ("Awwwww....") is coming.

Yay email.