November 7th, 2006


Wifi bridging / roaming ....

So ... my wifi which I so happily reinstated is great, but a big cement wall (probably with some kryptonite in it) blocks all wireless in the living room. Which means there's no place in the house that a single AP can be placed to reach everywhere.

Which means multiple APs.

And I'd like to just carry my laptop around with me without reconnecting to stuff.

How can I do this?

What if I get two APs in just bridge mode, using my private network DHCP server, and then still do the ACLs on the APs about where you're allowed to send packets to. If I give them the same ESSID, will laptops roam? Or will the two APs fight? Or could I set the AP's MAC addresses to the same thing, or would that just make it all worse?

I know nothing of the 802.11 "physical" layer.

Also possible: commercial products that do this. As long as said commercial products let me do enough packet filtering that I can stop connections to my internal network, without having to put a big noisy Linux box between the AP and the ethernet jack.

Also possible: Dina's Mac Mini is in the living room, with unused wifi, and my Mac Mini, also with unused wifi, is sitting next to the HyperWRT Linksys in the prime AP location. Could do something with those two macs, working together to share?

School me.