November 25th, 2006


Life Update

There's been people in my house for 4 weeks now, ever since I got back from Russia. First it was Dina's friend Tabby, who had just moved to San Francisco and needed to find a job and an apartment, then it was my family for Thanksgiving. Much love to Tabby and my family, but homeboy need a rest.

Last night I went to ioerror's going-away party (he's moving to Austria for ~1 year for an awesome-sounding artist-in-residence job). Jacob decided that if the Japanese won't let white people into their sushi-served-on-naked-girls restaurants (which admittedly probably don't even exist, but us Westerners want to believe they exist), then fuck it ... he'd find his own naked girls to have sushi served atop. And so it was. Complete with one of the Two Knotty Boys, who tied up the girl to the table, and suspended another girl. Jacob, .... most random party ever. Thanks for all the sake. Kick ass in Austria.

And then my family left early today ... something about snow, but probably also because they ran out of home repairs and yardwork to do. Dina's convinced my parents are Cylons and I'm a robot baby.

So now I'm relatively caught up on life, email, bugs, patches, etc, and we've watched way too much TV (Battlestar, Grey's Anatomy, Entourage), and we're looking for something to do.

But here's a little-known secret...


Seriously. Want to take it over? Come invade during Thanksgiving. This shit be vacant. Parking and dinner reservations all yours, yo. You want people to go out with, though? They're all gone.

So, um... a little bored.