December 9th, 2006


Breakfast time

So far I've done surprisingly well on the jetlag. I slept most the 2:55h SVO-MUC flight, and 8+ hours of the 12:00h MUC-SFO flight. And I slept last night.

So I'm not entirely disappointed that I'm awake at 6am and wanting breakfast. Breakfast it is.

On the MUC-SFO flight I sat next to woptastic, boyfriend of imgreen, who's on my and Dina's friends list. How random is that? He's a 23 year-old EE student, now getting more into programming, moving to Italy for a PhD program. Many good discussions were had. I don't normally luck out with such good flight partners.

After breakfast I should pack again. Going to Las Vegas at noon with dan_erat and dina. Currently ripping some Netflix DVDs to my iPod for the flight.