January 13th, 2007


1936 Penny

Refilling my parking meter quarter bag from my bin of coins, I found a 1936 Penny. I only noticed it because the back is all different, saying "ONE CENT UNITED STATES OF AMERICA" big in the middle, instead of the Lincoln Memorial.

I doubt it's worth anything, but it's still cool.

Norco Update

Update on my previous failure at getting the Norco DS-1220 to work....

It works now.

Turns out it was the disks. Before I bought a bunch of disks for it I was trying it with some old disks I had around figuring, "fuck, SATA's SATA, right?". Turns out old SATA disks can't do hot-plug? Maybe? But even cold plug I think failed? Maybe multiple of my old disks are bad? Who knows.

But I bought a new 500 GB disk today after a dude on a mailing list said that it worked for him, and sure enough... no problem. Disk works hot-plugging between either direct or port-multiplier bays.

So then I went back to buy 4 more but they were out.


Going diving tomorrow morning (super early) after like, 8 months of not diving. Much of the delay was me breaking my ear drum and not being able to dive for months, but then also travelling a lot, being sick, travelling more, holidays, etc, etc, etc....

Anyway. I'll leave you all with this picture of me and whitaker in Belize:

Speaking of Belize... there's talk of going again soon-ish. That'd rule.