February 18th, 2007


Ice Skating in Red Square

If ice skating in Red Square isn't on your list of things to do one day, I suggest you add it. Totally great.

Mischa should arrive in an hour, joining me for week 2 of 2 in Moscow. (He missed his connection yesterday, so was stranded in New York...)

Thanks to nura who takes me everywhere, including the grocery story last night, so I can now make breakfast...

Past breakfast, I have no plans today. I think I should force Mischa to stay awake all day, though, so he adjusts quickly.

Linux on Delta

The in-seat entertainment on Delta (even in economy: impressive), was really good. Made my first flight from SFO to JFK quite bearable. Listened to music, watched a movie, etc.

And I noticed when it booted:

Heh. Apparently it runs Linux. You'd think they'd do some Delta-themed bootsplash.