March 1st, 2007


Useless Status Update

Still tired/jetlagged from Moscow, I think. Or at least that'll be my excuse. Tired, in any case.

hellarad's visiting from Seattle. Did the tourist rounds yesterday-- Mt. Davidson, Twin Peaks, Haight, etc, etc. Lot of fun, lot of pictures. I'll upload them later.

Back at work for first time in like 2.5+ weeks. So much email. Did I mention tired?

Got a haircut today. Motorcycle class tonight and this weekend. Can buy a motorcycle next week. No, no clue yet which one. Looking forward to that. Also looking forward to Belize in 23 days.

This concludes the most boring post you've read all day.

Sick -- mystery solved

When I got back to San Francisco and went out the first night, I was unbelievably cold. Everybody was giving me crap for being a pussy, especially after just getting back from Moscow, where one night it was -26C and it didn't feel as cold as San Francisco's 6C. I figured it was wind or humidity? But then I was also freezing at home, with the thermostat on normal temperature.

But then this morning I woke up with a sore throat, mild cough, congestion/phlegmy, and heat swings of super hot and super cold.

So mystery solved... I'm just sick. It's not actually cold outside.

(2nd most boring post you've read today?)