March 10th, 2007


Today I...

  • woke up on my couch after sleeping 14 hours -- wtf?
  • biked to breakfast -- parked right in front, and paid 10¢ for an hour of parking. <3
  • saved myself $420 by doing my own electrical work -- $12 GFI from the hardware store and crawling under my deck. done with sewer problems now?
  • found gardeners -- to maintain my yard every other week. I got to speak in Spanish. I love it when that's useful.
  • attained new level of love with motorcycle -- biked all over San Francisco... steep hills, curves, up to Twin Peaks, etc. my shifting is now smoother, going both up and down. If I have to slow suddenly going uphill, I'm now pretty good at knowing what gear I have to go in to resume after I've slowed down... I now turn off my blinkers pretty reliably after a turn... got my helmet all adjusted and nice, got anti-fog liner in there, nose gaurds, vents setup right... etc, etc, etc... basically just loving it and not having to think as much about the basic shit.
  • enjoyed the beautiful day -- damn it's nice out. can't believe this.
  • Suppenküche mit Randy und Freunden weil Randy heute Geburtstag (30!) hat.
  • trinken -- viel (natürlich).