March 14th, 2007


Class M1 License

As of 3:00 pm today, I'm now a class M1 licensed motorcyclist.

Time to hit the highway at night, with a passenger. WHO'S DOWN?

(j/k... those are the three things I can legally do now, compared to a permit...)

Cooking at Brad's

Tonight was the inaugural "Cooking at Brad's", a now-weekly Wednesday night institution wherein friends teach me to cook.

Much love to Beau, Dan, Krissy, Whitaker, Lisa + sister + sister's boyfriend, David, .... especially to Beau, who everybody seemed to defer to on the cooking skillz.

Beau with masterpiece:

(More Pictures)

We made enchildasagne con pollo. Which is kinda like enchiladas, and kinda like lasagne. But both! As well as guacamole, rice, beans, etc.

Fair (yet responsible) quantities of Pacífico and margaritas were consumed.

As far as cooking education: I definitely learned stuff. Competent yet? Not so much. But I learned. Baby steps, yo.

Who down for next week? And recommendations for food topic? (what's the word...? not "genre" but ...?)