March 16th, 2007


Police Encounter

As I'm zipping to work today on Cesar Chavez, accelerating quickly, and going faster than I should (35-40 in a 25, yet no faster than people normally drive on that street), I see a guy in a funny outfit holding a funny device.

Ah, shit, a cop on foot!

I hit a red light and he walks up to me from across the street.

Shit, shit, shit.

I open my visor and he starts asking me questions:

"How you doing?"
"Pretty good, and you?"
"Good, good. You commute on that?"
"How's it handle on the freeway?"
"Well, it only has 5 gears. Can't get up too fast."
"Well, cool, looks like a nice bike.... have fun, be safe. Have a nice day."

He walks off, the light turns green and I take off.