April 6th, 2007



If the Japanese language is making me feel a bit isolated, not having a phone or watch is making me feel even worse... I'm having to use my camera's Menu/Settings/Time sub-option to figure out what time it is.

But not having a phone makes meeting up with people absolutely impossible. I know a bunch of people are out doing stuff today (or will, soon), but my chances of actually finding them out in the real world, in Tokyo space, seems downright impossible. I forget how critical phones are.

Should've rented one at the airport. Or bought a quadband/UTMS/3G one before I left.

Also lack of SMS and email while outside is weird. And lack of Internet in general, since it was kinda flakey at the conference (wifi) and kinda flakey here at the hotel (my "session" times out? DHCP has short lease also? DNS is slow? But other than DNS, the Internet is fast and low-latency.).

Anyway, just feeling disconnected and thought I'd whine about it.

Breakfast is open now....


Much love to angrydicemoose for hooking me up with a phone in Japan.

I guess you can't get pre-pay phones here because they're used for crime, so you need a lot of paperwork/documents which I don't have, but fortunately SAKK has a lot of phones for mobile testing/development, so I'm stealing one of those for the weekend.


(it even has menus in English... double score.)