April 10th, 2007


Narita Airport

I'm a big fan of Narita Airport (the int'l airport outside Tokyo). Now only does it have a wonderful shopping mall and food court to waste time in when you arrive 5 hours early, but there's also a viewing area outside to get fresh air and watch planes come & go, including slots cut out of the fence to take pictures.

And the WiFi here proudly announces that it supports IPv6! Wtf!?! The future, indeed.

Flight boards here in 50 minutes (Tuesday 17:05 Tokyo time), arriving Tuesday morning at SFO. I got my sleeping pills, and the flight is 2 hours shorter when traveling east, so hopefully I'll just sleep through this whole flight, waking happily at home.

Update: But every HTTP requests bounces me through some redirect proxy server for tracking or something? And sometimes the second redirect fails, and I'm stuck on some dead-end track-me.cgi page? Wtf? Can't anybody just route packets and stay out of the fucking way? Hands off my packets! And stop closing my TCP connections if they're idle for 30 seconds! If you'd just route the damn packets, you wouldn't need to keep any per-connection state, which apparently is hurting you enough that you feel it's somehow necessary to close my idle connections. *sigh*

Russian Midterm...

Off to take my Russian midterm now...

Hopefully I do okay, given my increasingly whacked-out groggy jetlag state. I'll be happy if I don't fall alseep on the test.

Sleeping tonight's going to be wonderful.

Responsible Scuba Diving

Stolen from Frank's underwater photos, I hearby present...
Responsible Scuba Diving!
Normally one dives with a wetsuit, BC, mask, air, etc...

Figure 1: Properly dressed, responsible divers...

Luxuries, I say!

I'm not a big fan of wetsuits. Once I'm already feeling so free, let's see if I can lose more stuff...

Figure 2: Hi, fishy! Don't mind me... just removing some gear.

Figure 3: Much better! But still got that pesky BC on.

Figure 4: Who needs a BC? I'm only slightly positive. I can still kick downwards to stay at 60 feet.

Figure 5: Turning the irresponsibility up a notch, aka celebrating whitaker's 50th dive.

Not pictured: us removing our fins and doing underwater kung-fu in slow-motion, throwing each other around by the feet, etc.

Good times.