May 23rd, 2007


Brackup 1.03

New Brackup...
1.03 (may 23, 2007)

  - brackup-restore's verbose flag is more verbose now, showing files
    as they're restored.

  - brackup-restore can restore from an encrypted *.brackup file now,
    firing up gpg for user to decrypt to a tempfile

  - brackup-target tool, to list/get brackup files from a target,
    and in the future do garbage collection on no-longer-referenced
    chunks (once a command exists to delete a brackup file from a target)

  - stop leaking temp files

  - doc fixes/additions


У меня виза! :) Оно Она "двукратная", не "однократная".

мой маршрут, 29.05.07 - 11.06.07:

сан-франциско -> москва -> стамбул -> москва -> питер -> москва -> франкфурт -> сан-франциско