August 3rd, 2007


Use the mailing lists

The volume of email addressed directly to me with questions (usually trivial) about various projects has gotten bad enough that I've had to make this page:

Now when I get an email, I can just reply with that. I still don't like it, but it's better than deleting their emails. :/

I seem to recall a page elsewhere on the Internet that said this same thing (perhaps a bit more politely than I did?) but I couldn't find it so I had make my own. Any pointers to similar pages, or tips on how to improve mine?

I should probably recruit some moderation people to deal with the Mailman moderation queue (which I can't seem to turn off?! where is the members-only-can-post option?). Or is it rude to just bounce (forward as their from address) their email to me to the list directly?


evan told me about this site:

I'm totally addicted. In a nutshell, it:
  • is a social networking site, where both hackers and open source projects are nodes
  • it pulls/polls/analyzes projects' cvs/svn/git repos, showing useful stats about them
  • tracks connections between people and projects (what's your committer username for each project)
  • tracks which projects people use (your "stack")
  • lets people give each other props ("kudos")
  • is super ajax-y, taggy, web 2.0-y
  • is wiki-like, in that everybody can edit just about anything
  • lets you do reviews
  • .....
  • so much more
Very well done.

Probably a bit niche, but if you use or contribute to open source, I recommend it.... quite fun.