August 8th, 2007


Stereo in the bathroom

I bought an Airport Express recently, not so much for wireless (I already have wireless in the house), but for the AirTunes. (and also now I can have my "FitzPrivate" ESSID, in addition to the existing "FitzPublic"...)

Anyway, now I just regularly play all music on all house speakers from iTunes, playing off mt-daapd on my server.

So when I was in the bathroom just now, listening to the music which followed me from the office, I was trying to remember how I'd hooked up the left & right channels in the bathroom ceiling speakers (2) from my HTD MA-1235 ...

I seem to recall I positioned left & right for the sitter, not the stander, figuring the sitter is going to be there longer and would more appreciate the stereo not being backwards.


hardcore linguist

In addition to watching about 6 episodes of Entourage last night before going to bed at 3:30 am or so, I read the entire Wikipedia article on the Voynich Manuscript, following dozens of links in the process.

The coolest part was reading about this dude who theorizes it's in an artificial alphabet representing the Manchu language, and went on to decode the first page, constructing this amazing table [mirror] in the process. Fucking crazy.