August 16th, 2007


Ubuntu, xorg disappointment

Ubuntu Edge, Feisty, and Gutsy (Tribe 4 + updates as of yesterday) still cannot detect the native resolution / modelines for my Dell 2405FPW monitor, a monitor which is over 2 years old. (with either "nv" or "nvidia" drivers)

C'mon... seriously?

Motorcycle Gas Mileage

I had a meeting down the peninsula today, so I took my motorcycle, not having done 101 on it for any notable distance before.

On the way back I had to get gas, so I did an experiment: noted mileage, filled gas to the brim, then did the same once I was back in the city, 30 miles and 0.536 gallons later... so just under 60 mpg.

If I did that ride daily, I guess I'd have to fill up once or twice a week, since I only have a 4 gallon tank (but "you need gas!" light turns on at 1 gallon remaining, which is only gauge). And I guess it'd then cost $3.50 - $4.00 per day in gas, round trip.

But the wind, man... holy shit. Throwing me all over the place.