September 8th, 2007


Motorcycle Update: still no go

Update on the motorcycle situation:
  • I bought the recommended, smart trickle charger.
  • It flashes red when connected to aux port (manual: "Battery not connected, or battery totally dead (under 3V)")
  • Also tried connecting it to battery leads... same thing.
  • Tested battery leads with volt meter: 0 volts. Needle didn't even twitch. Tested on car, to test volt meter: 12 volts. Volt meter fine.
Now what? Stupid "smart" trickle charger won't recharge the battery because it's too dead? Confused.

I'd remove the battery, but I'd need to remove the right side panel, and I don't have Torx tools.


Buy new battery? Motorcycle only about 1,200 miles.. alternator should be fine, says the shop.

Battery exchanged...

4 trips to BMW later, my motorcycle works...

trip 1: "Yo, I need a trickle charger."
trip 2: "Trickle didn't trickle. 0 volts." "Oh, here, borrow this real charger." (didn't ask my name or anything... impressive trust in lending!)
trip 3: "Here's real charger back, the trickle charger is trickling now..."
[go home...]
[see trickler is flashing again.... measure: 0 volts.]
call store: "Yo, me again, it's flashing." "Okay, come back, I got a new battery for you."
trip 4: "Hey." "Hey." (hands over battery, and Torx screwdriver)

Then, some disassembly...

A dozen some screws and some greasy hands later, it runs.

Time for a ride!