October 20th, 2007


This week in review...

Snippets from this week:
  • went to ridiculous MySpace party. they flew in 30 models from LA, just to make the party even more LA-ish. welcome to San Francisco, MySpace!
  • ran into MC Hammer at the MySpace party. photographed him with lisa. talked to him about our mutual homeboy, Eric Case.
  • gave presentation with daveman692 at Web 2.0 summit. his post; the slides; Radar post
  • ran into MC Hammer again, this time urinating next to him at the hotel, after giving the presentation
  • Parea (wine), Velvet Cantina (margaritas), ...
  • doggy sitting The Major. went to boston terrier meet-up today... 20+ bostons. crazy.
  • breakfast with Mr. Erat, then went to art open house, bought awesomely colorful stretched/blown glass vace.
  • test-rode an electric bike. omg. so fun/magic. i see a purchase in my future.