November 4th, 2007


Weekend in review

-- few dozen life errands completed. so much guilt/stress relieved.
-- ... including converting a dozen+ lights to CFLs (and ordered a dozen dimmable CFLs from Amazon, since not available at Home Depot)
-- drove to Monterey with whitaker,
-- stayed in swank-if-service-didn't-blow hotel
-- hot tubbin'
-- rock starred hotel room with exploding-under-pressure red wine, opened with a key and a pen, for lack of wine opener

-- scuba diving, with drysuits and Nitrox
-- signed final contract & paperwork with Akeena Solar for 14 panel, 3kW solar panel installation on my roof, to be installed before end of the year, so I get locked into the E7 time-of-use rate rate (PGE buys back unused power at 3x the rate from 12pm-6pm, iirc), including future buyers of house.