December 27th, 2007


What's your target audience?

I saw this ad at SFO:

If you can't read it, it says:
As fast as you can push the buttons. Send messages at, like, the speed of light. LOL. That's texting at SprintSpeed.
I will now kindly ask that any of my readers with Sprint service please call and cancel your service, paying any early contract cancellation penalties and moving on to a less stupid provider. Thanks.

Edit: I was going to stop with that, but I have to start enumerating the stupidness of the ad:
  • Graffiti-style handwriting. Does the phone do handwriting recognition perhaps? No, I guess not, because it says "As fast as you can push the buttons."
  • "like". Just to be 13-year-old-girly, or does it not really travel at the speed of light? But like, almost? Like, maybe?
  • "LOL". What's funny?
  • Speed of light. Wow. Fast. I think the rate limiter here will be how fast I can push the buttons then, huh? How are you going to help me with that?
  • Varying font sizes for no reason?
  • "That's texting at SprintSpeed."? What? What does this $20 phone do differently that makes it oh-so-fast SprintSpeed?