December 31st, 2007


2007: A Summary

I feel somewhat obliged to write some sort of 2007 wrap-up post, as everybody else seems to be doing it. Yes, if all my friends jumped off a bridge, I'd totally do it too.

So, in summary:
  • Became single -- In January, a 4 year relationship (and 6 month marriage) ended. Wasn't so much the total lack of monogamy as much as the total lack of honesty and communication. I don't regret the time we spent together, but without getting into details, it couldn't work out. Moving on....
  • Motorcycle -- often associated with the above, as if it were some knee-jerk now-I'm-single reaction, I was actually enrolled in motorcycle safety classes a number of months before. Anyway, 2007 was the year of me discovering that motorcycles are the only way to get around the city. [Picture]. Can't believe I wasted so many years not having one. Temporarily had 3 vehicles, but sold the Honda.
  • Studied Russian -- started taking Russian classes. Didn't get too far (I started 101 off-season, so 102 wasn't offered the following term...), but I'm enrolled in more starting next month.
  • Cooking at Brad's -- started Wednesday night "Cooking at Brad's" events. Continue to have them somewhat regularly. Great way to hang out with friends, eat, drink, learn to cook (a little).
  • Travel -- trips to Moscow, Istanbul (with doubtful_value), St. Petersburg, Frankfurt (saw calliste), Belize (diving), Tokyo (hours after returning from Belize), Moscow again in December.
  • New phones -- not so notable, but went from Treo to Blackberry Pearl to iPhone. Tinkered with OpenMoko a bit, but gave it away. 2008: new iPhone? Android?
  • Dated a lot -- relative to 2003-2006 at least, I dated a lot.
  • Moved to Google -- after almost a decade with LiveJournal, and then 2.5 years with SixApart working on 6a's infrastructure, moved to Google. Absolutely loving it... one of best things of 2007.
  • OpenID -- OpenID has continued to slowly gain in popularity. Microsoft, AOL, Blogger ... Been interesting to watch.