Brad Fitzpatrick (brad) wrote,
Brad Fitzpatrick


I played with IO-Epoll-0.01 (epoll wrappers for Perl) on the plane and wrote a chat server, using the same style as memcached: single-threaded, event-based (state machine), all non-blocking IO, etc.

It was like 100 lines, too. So damn cool.

So now I'm thinking writing a reverse proxy with buffering in Perl would be damn easy, including the internal redirect stuff. The only hard part there is I'm not sure how to do non-blocking reads from a file.... I seem to recall that was ugly for some reason? If I'm limited to sockets, I suppose I could have a helper process doing blocking file IO and relaying it back over a socket.

Then I'll write a libevent-like layer on top to let people pick IO::Epoll or IO::Poll, or kqueue if it there are perl bindings.

How does this effect monobal? Who knows. But at least knowing how feasible this is in Perl, I can bang out a prototype in no time (much faster than my relatively slow C#) and test its speed and test features before the perl version is continued in C# or C.

Damn, boarding to Portland in 10 minutes and my battery has only charged up to 18%. :-/
Tags: perl, tech

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