February 7th, 2008


Stuck in garage


I'm stuck in my garage.

My ADT security system had some fault (radio error contacting tower?) and the house started beeping. Phone call from ADT.... they told me to go into my garage (where the box is) and unhook some phone thing.

Then things are still beeping and they ask me to enter my code on the garage panel and hit # and "Off". Or something. But I forgot my code. He said, "Just try what you think it is." I hit some stuff and then it goes into armed mode.

The guy on the phone freaks out: "OMG What'd you press?".

Me: "I dunno. Some numbers. Maybe a pound or so."

Him: "OMG you armed it. We are now in threat level orange." (or some bullshit)

I give him shit for awhile, bitching that I only have ADT because my home insurance requires it (required over some threshold home value... yay me) and I haven't used it in years and I don't even know my code.

He asks for my secret password. I said I have no f'ing clue. I say it's probably in a file cabinet somewhere. He says to go look. I remind him I'm stuck in my garage and if I enter my house, hurricane sirens of death go off. He says, "Sorry." I ask if I should cut the blue wire or the red wire. He doesn't like my joke. I'm like, "Seriously, though... fuck this system. I don't even use it. Can I just disable it?" He says, "Normally I could help you sir, but not at Threat Level Orange now that you've activated it. That's against protocol." (or some bullshit)

So here I am, still stuck in my garage. Fortunately I have a computer here and can blog about it.

I called dina and she thinks she remembers the password, and it jibes with the password hint (/^\w{6}\d{4}$/) that the phone dude gave me.... so that's promising.

Guess I need to call them back and find my password and put it into Revelation, for next time I'm stuck in the garage.

Fuck ADT.

Stuck in garage: follow-up

After 40 minutes stuck in my garage, I made it out alive.

Props to dina for remembering one of the passwords.

Not props to ADT for:
-- changing my PIN code on me (when they changed me from cellphone to landline heartbeats)
-- not being able to reset my code remotely
-- not having my code on file
-- not having a service technician available tonight
-- warning me I might have to pay for this
-- never removing my cellphone transmitter when they forcedly changed me to landline
-- monitoring my cellphone transmitter, even though it's supposed to be disabled?!

And of course shame on me for not knowing my PIN code. Wish I did.