March 1st, 2008


mp3 quality

Now that I have an iPod in my car, I've quickly discovered that half my mp3s sound like shit. Previously in my car I'd been listening to either the radio or non-burnt CDs. CDs obviously sound awesome, and FM radio's not even that bad (as opposed to XM radio bullshit, which I cancelled long ago)

So now I'm re-ripping all my CDs at 320 kbps CBR, as I found that the Amazon mp3s I've purchased (at 256 kbps) sound fine.

This makes me love my car even more, as I can't tell these mp3s sound so bad on my headphones or computer speakers. Although generally headphones generally means I'm on the shuttle or an airplane. I should get new computer speakers.

Not sure what I'm going to do about all my low-bitrate mp3s that I don't have the CDs for. Used CD stores today, probably.