March 8th, 2008



I don't drive my car often, so I don't buy gas often, but I had to fill up the other day.... $76.00

At $3.99/gallon.

I'm enjoying this rise. The sooner it gets to $5 or $10, the sooner people might care?

Fedora Core, Perlbal, ...

A new Fedora Core release is coming out soonish, which includes Perl 5.10. The last remaining package in Fedora Core which didn't work with Perl 5.10 was Perlbal. Whoops. Turned out I did some fancy things with reblessing fields objects. That doesn't quite work in 5.10 (arguably their fault).

Fortunately the Perl community had a patch for me and I just had to make a new release tonight, and ended up going through my inbox (and making a gazillion new gmail filters) and applying a ton of patches.

Yay getting caught back up on open source projects.

Time to get my drink on.

I'm going to attempt going to a party I tried to go last night, only to find out I had the wrong day and the party's actually tonight. Yay me.