Brad Fitzpatrick (brad) wrote,
Brad Fitzpatrick

MogileFS daemon

After fighting NFS for hours only to discover one machine of three was still running NFSv2 instead of v3, the first cvs check-in of MogileFS is now in: Both server/ and api/perl/ directories.

The replicator part was done (in the code before we split it into client-server) but hasn't been copy/pasted into the server yet. Maybe tonight.

Props to Whitaker for doing the client. It was really rewarding to see his 5 line test harness just requesting file handles and writing crap all over the network automatically.

We started to integrate it into FotoBilder and it looks like it'll be hardly work at all, since FotoBilder is already so clean. (Just a 'fh' attribute hanging off a few key objects....)

Getting fun.
Tags: perl, tech

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