Brad Fitzpatrick (brad) wrote,
Brad Fitzpatrick

MogileFS in action

Whitaker and I got FotoBilder using MogileFS today. A few stupid mistakes, but otherwise it was pretty damn painless.

Whitaker's been uploading tons of pictures into his installation and here are the files:

bradfitz@bini:/mnt/mogilefs$ du -h
15M ./brad/dev4
15M ./brad
13M ./kenny/dev2
20M ./kenny/dev1
33M ./kenny
17M ./cartman/dev3
17M ./cartman
64M .

Nice and spread out.

Update: And now that the replicator's done:

bradfitz@bini:/mnt/mogilefs$ du -h
37M ./brad/dev4
37M ./brad
27M ./kenny/dev2
31M ./kenny/dev1
57M ./kenny
42M ./cartman/dev3
42M ./cartman
135M .

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