Brad Fitzpatrick (brad) wrote,
Brad Fitzpatrick

Bike ride from hell

My mom recommended a "trail" for my brother Cole and I to bike today. We all somehow assumed "trail" meant "bike trail". Big mistake.

In summary: Worst bikeride ever.

The idea was to do ~8 miles of off-road from Cannon Beach to Seaside along the coast/cliffs.

Lowlights include:

-- incredibly severe climbs on gravel for miles
-- Cole's tire going flat at the top where it might've got halfway fun
-- Me carrying Cole's bike down since I felt guilty for dragging him into this hell
-- Cole's bike weighing 200 lbs
-- Cole riding my bike and crashing
-- Steps for hikers throughout the trail, most of which weren't bikeable
-- lifting our bikes over downed trees
-- Me deciding it was either ditching his bike (which Cole was in favor of from the beginning) or attempting to ride on it without a front tube or tire.
-- Me going downhill over big rocks and bigger tree roots on the metal wheel directly, with only back breaks which sucked
-- Me running straight into a rotting tree due to aforementioned lack of breaks (harmless, but could've been worse)
-- Getting passed by hikers while Cole was on the ground after crashing, right before a big "No bikes on trail" sign, which we only saw ~5 miles into this "trail".

So yeah, fun.

To give the trail a bit of love, the beginning was kinda fun. If I do it again, I know at which point to turn back at least.
Tags: bike

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