Brad Fitzpatrick (brad) wrote,
Brad Fitzpatrick


Perlbal now features:

-- epoll + async event-based design

-- reverse proxy, w/ everything you'd expect from one: X-Forwarded-For header, buffering replies and letting go of the backend connection as soon as possible,

-- reproxying files if backend doesn't want to (advertises this capability to the backend via a X-Proxy-Capabilities header). uses sendfile to send the file, after doing an async stat and async open (unless it was a HEAD request)

-- web server, w/ async stat/open, then sendfile on the contents. will soon replace our thttpd machines. also supports directory indexing, but off by default, since I can't do async directory reads.

-- management port. (all commands received on the management port are the same as the config file syntax)

Coming soon: mixed-mode reverse proxy and webserver, for serving some files directly off the filesystem (based on URLs), and proxying others to the backend (which may then request alternate files served off disk)

It's now serving the majority of our userpics, kicking our old server's ass, and web requests as well if you turn on the "newproxy" beta test cookie.

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