Brad Fitzpatrick (brad) wrote,
Brad Fitzpatrick


So I guess we lost an entire cabinet (one of our 4) at Internap because power cut out. 20 servers down, but the site's still running. (Except for users on one cluster, because both masters were in the same cluster.... need to fix that!)

I just got back from dinner and Lisa's on it, but I think we lost:

2 storage machines (not yet used)
2 databases
16 web nodes

Dear Internap, not a good gesture right when we're back in the middle of contract negotiations.

So I guess it's our fault since we tripped a circuit breaker and weren't tracking how much power we were using. But how should we know? We had no means of monitoring it, and servers don't exactly say anywhere how much they're using. Guess this was our lesson learned. Time to buy some power meters and stuff.
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