Brad Fitzpatrick (brad) wrote,
Brad Fitzpatrick

wait(2)-equivalent in an event loop?

Say I have a parent process and a bunch of child processes, and I want an event loop in the parent.

Is there a way to get a filehandle in the parent which becomes readable once a child has died? I can then put that filehandle in my event loop. I don't want to poll waitpid(0, NULL, WNOHANG) every 'n' seconds. That's a lame tradeoff between latency and sucking CPU.

Yeah, I can catch SIGCHLD, but I'd prefer to avoid that.

Some google queries:

Python's Twisted framework catches SIGCHLD, sets a flag, and then reaps children as part of its event loop? (Python's signal handling is like Perl's pre-5.8... unsafe, possibly between opcodes)

Pert's POE seems to block SIGCHLD at times and poll for dead children at other times:

OCaml does more polling/SIGCHLD stuff:

So I'm starting to think there is no clean way, at least for what I consider clean. It's also entirely possible I have no clue what I'm talking about.

I could just have each child connect to a server in the parent, and when that connection dies, I know the child is gone?

Tags: perl, tech
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