Brad Fitzpatrick (brad) wrote,
Brad Fitzpatrick

Rich ducks

Ducks just ate all Dina's tip money from her shift today.

I guess she dropped $50-$60 into the water as she was walking back down the docks to her job (Newport Bay on the waterfront downtown) after forgetting to get her parking validated.

Then she didn't even have the $3 she needed to get her car out of the garage without borrowing money from a coworker. (the validation sticker brings it down from like $20 to $3... expensive lot)

So who wins the shitty day award? Dina! She's also been trying to get back here for the past 3+ hours without any success... people and taxis taking her to the wrong places and stuff??

I'm so confused.

I've asked her a hundred times if she's drunk but I guess she's just really frustrated and that sounds the same as drunk.

Update: Hahah, Dina's got calmer and her story gets better:

She reached out to get the money back from the ducks but they fought over it and pulled it away, spitting it out after tearing it up into pieces, then looking back at her like they were pissed at her for feeding them bad food.

They then swam away and she wanted to dive in and get them but a busser stopper her, saying the water was cold, etc, etc.

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