Brad Fitzpatrick (brad) wrote,
Brad Fitzpatrick

HTTP/1.1 proxying

This HTTP/1.1 proxying is fun.

I made myself a little table for the different cases and my game plan:

              HTTP/1.0   HTTP/1.1
Default Conn  close      keep-alive
Chunked?      no         yes
Pipelining?   no         yes

Do only 1.1 connections to the backend nodes.

Client sends Perlbal gets          Send via   Find end via
------------ --------------------- ---------- -------------
1.0 request  1.1 response (w/len)  dumb copy  count bytes
1.0 request  1.1 response (chunk)  dechunk    watch chunks
1.1 request  1.1 response (w/len)  dumb copy  count bytes
1.1 request  1.1 response (chunk)  dumb copy  watch chunks

I figure the only CPU-heavy case will be 1.0 requests (rare) to chunked replies (rare), so that's really rare, and I don't need to optimize for it... I just need to do it correctly, which is a lot easier.

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