Brad Fitzpatrick (brad) wrote,
Brad Fitzpatrick

The Internet sucks this weekend

Yesterday it was the backbone sucking, and today


If I got cable as well as DSL, could I make TCP connections that were atop two independent IP source addresses, assuming I had a cooperating stack/daemon on the other end?

I'd like it setup so TCP uses one IP address (the DSL one, say) all the time, until it realizes a reply didn't come back in time, at which time it sends a retransmission out the other interface. (but not delayed... no exponential backoff until both interfaces don't reply) The retransmission's IP header would the cable modem's src IP, and it'd be up to the multi-homed device on my end to process the reply when it comes back and realize it's part of the same connection.

Anybody know of a project to do stuff like that?
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