Brad Fitzpatrick (brad) wrote,
Brad Fitzpatrick

pig latin: perl vs. C++

I went to help out at my littlest brother's high-school programming class today. Freshman intro to programming... they learn C++. Painful, but I can't think what the best language to learn on would be. I suppose simplified C++ isn't so bad... mix of high-level and seeing how the machine actually works, kinda.

Anyway, their project was to write an English to Pig Latin converter. I explained how to setup one function w/ a little state machine to tokenize the sentence into words, one function to pigify the word once boundaries are found (including "qu" support, -ay vs -way suffixes), etc. Also showed them how to use the debugger. (Visual Studio)

So after their 3 pages of code (small monitors) I showed them how it's just one line in Perl and walked them through each character of the Perl version briefly. *evil grin*
Tags: perl, tech

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