Brad Fitzpatrick (brad) wrote,
Brad Fitzpatrick

SPUG talk

My SPUG talk went good. I got told a bunch I was going too fast, but I didn't want to bore anybody.

I talked about Perlbal, load balancing problems in general, epoll, IO::Sendfile, perl's sycall, the "fields" pragma in perl, Linux::AIO, and LJ's architecture.

I was surprised that Brian Ingerson (the guy) knew about fields, but didn't know the coolest part: typing scalars so hash lookups are compiled to array lookups. For example:

my Classname $foo = new Classname;
$foo->{'bar'} = 3434;

That $foo->{'bar'} is actually $foo->[3] or something behind the scenes.

And if you did $foo->{'illegal_member'} it's a compile-time error.

So if I taught Ingy something, I consider my talk a success.

In addition to beer at the meeting, we went to an Irish pub afterwards where I had pre-dinner (Guiness) and later went to Minnie's for a omelette.

It was nice hanging out with Perl geeks. I met ydna, saw jope again, and talked to a bunch of cool people.

Today I'm working with lisa before she jets off to Europe for 12 days. I'm tempted to stay in Seattle to be near the LJ servers, but I'll head back tonight. There are two people here that could potentially cover us in a problem.
Tags: perl, tech
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