Brad Fitzpatrick (brad) wrote,
Brad Fitzpatrick

Our bizdev group

Hah.... I get a few emails per week now from COOs and CCOs and VPs of Foo and etc etc, all wanting to talk to our "bizdev group" about "exciting possibilities" and "market opportunities" and "ways we can both profit a lot more".

One guy was like, "Because really, at the end of the day we're both after the same thing: money." I replied, "No, not us." He was just flabbergasted at that point, like that was beyond his comprehension. Don't get me wrong... money's good to keep thing's going, and critical in that respect, but it's not our company's goal.

And all those emails/calls are outside of the normal advertiser salespeople that see we're in some high Nielson-rating-type-thing and don't have ads, they shit themselves, thinking they just made a huge score that nobody else found and they're going to just lightly tell us we could be making [insert lower number here] dollars per day and we'd instantly convert. When in reality, I heard from somebody else the number's more like $10k/day, but I'm not sure I totally believe that.

A few of the dozens have interesting ideas, but it's taking all I've got sifting through their marking talk and bullshit.

In conclusion: *yawn*

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