Brad Fitzpatrick (brad) wrote,
Brad Fitzpatrick

content creators to consumers

Tivo should make deals with content creators (like Comedy Central, HBO, etc) to get access to the raw content directly, without ads, and sell shows to users ala cart, if users have broadband.

My Comcast cable bill is $45/monthly, and Tivo is $12/monthly. I could hook an antenna up to Tivo and it'd be almost as useful, since I don't watch much crap on cable. I'd lose new Southparks and that's about it.

$45/month for standard no-frills cable is ridiculous. God knows what they charge for HDTV and all that crap that requires black boxes and such.

I know Comcast is trying to do its whole On-Demand thing, but I haven't looked into pricing. Does it cost less than an arm or a leg? HDTV? Just movies, or regular shows too?
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