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Weekend in review: (after a tiring week at OSCON, waking at 6:30 am almost every day and late nights)

Saturday morning: Redbull Flugtag. (crazy fuckers flying things off a ramp into the river) That was actually pretty cool. Especially sneaking into a cool place to sit and watch. Stupid organizer wanna-be-cops, though... downright pathetic.

Saturday afternoon/evening: Wedding. (Dina's cousin) Not too bad. Enough free alcohol that I survived.

Then I'm all like, "Dina, you owe me.", thinking I'll get a day off.

But no...

Today (Sunday) I awake to find out Dina's aunt is coming by. *shrug* Okay. I've met her before, she's cool. But it actually turns out to be:

-- Dina's sister
-- Dina's mom
-- Dina's grandparents
-- Dina's aunt
-- some other random dude

And because I wasn't informed that there was a frickin' party here, I just ignored them all and did my own thing for a bit and then left on a bike ride.

Just wasn't in the mood to feign interest after a week of exhaustion and a wedding the day prior.

But my bike ride was short-lived as my derailleur went from bad to worse to unridable. So I hopped on light-rail and headed back to the nearest stop by my house, resulting in a 2 mile painful ride back to my house. Fortunately, everybody was gone then.

Insert a few hours of vodka and programming.

Now I'm hungry and want to go get food, but am in no conidition to drive. I take my mountain bike out to get food and manage to pop the back tire miles away from my house. (tubeless tire, at that.) Nice walk home.

So two dead bikes, and two family events. Yay.

Rented two movies last night. Forget which... both pretty dumb. Good way to kill time. Should watch one now.

Oh, and less than two weeks to Germany. (August 13th I leave)

This entry is brought to you by the number 2.
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