Brad Fitzpatrick (brad) wrote,
Brad Fitzpatrick

More Bush bashing!

Since I've gotten such wonderful responses (example 1, example 2) to my "Bush bashing", here's another! Whine and I'll keep 'em coming.

N.M. GOP to Continue Asking for Pledge
RIO RANCHO, N.M. - Republicans in New Mexico say they will keep asking some people who want to attend Bush-Cheney campaign events to sign an endorsement pledge before receiving tickets.


Shi said the GOP campaign plans to correct errors and omissions in the pledge: "I ... herby (sic) endorse George W. Bush for reelection of the United States." Besides correcting the spelling of hereby, it will make clear what office Bush is running for, Shi said.
But really, why would you sign a pledge to a candidate before you heard their pitch?

That's like saying "Yes, sir, I'll buy this car, then you can tell me how great it is afterwards."
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