Brad Fitzpatrick (brad) wrote,
Brad Fitzpatrick

Countdown until Germany

6 days until Germany.

6 days until 2.5 weeks of vacation.

6 days to get LiveJournal stuff wrapped up.

I've been preparing a big list of projects for everybody, and making sure to automate some of the newer sysadmin-related things in case something breaks while I'm gone.

Also it looks like Linux 2.6.8-rc3 has two patches which go to make the NFS client situation more sane. (MogileFS doesn't use NFS anymore, but userpics still do.... until this patch goes live). See my previous complaint about NFS. Anyway, one of the new patches just exports a tunable for how much to pressure icache/dcache, but this one looks more important: search for slab memory shrinking balancing fix.

Are the 802.11 frequencies the same in Germany? Do I need a separate wifi card, or a software hack? Google failed me.

Our company picnic was yesterday. Lisa and Brett even drove down from Seattle for it. Too bad it poured, so the lake plan was scrapped in favor of bowling, which was fun, but not as fun as swimming in a lake. After bowling we went to a park where it rained every other 5 minutes. We ate under a covered shelter area and played frisbee. Not bad.

Weather's great today... I've been going on lots of walks with my bikes broken. I've come up with this theory that sleeping's easier if your body is outside and sees the transition from day to night happening, instead of being locked up in a box (house) during that transition.

Kernel's rebuilt. Time to cross fingers and reboot some stuff.

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