Brad Fitzpatrick (brad) wrote,
Brad Fitzpatrick

Germany, day 2: Wir leben noch.

Well, we made it. We survived. We didn't sleep on the plane, and we forced ourselves to do that initial 18-24 hour day to adjust to the new timezone.

After arriving in Frankfurt after our 9.5 hour flight, we picked up our rental car and asked how to get to Cologne.

"When you come out of the parking garage, at the stop light, take a left."

Heh, simple enough. So we drove to Cologne (about 90 minutes away), drove all around Cologne disoriented, and finally found elfy's street and hung out with her and her roommate. We walked around, found an Ibis Hotel (pretty much a hostel) that was quite satisfactory, then went out to dinner in the old inner city, by the Dom and Hbf. Cole puked from exhaustion and lack of food/sleep.

We all slept 9-10 hours and awoke at 6am localtime, really hungry. We went on a long walk in search of food, only to find the whole city still asleep, and only few restaurants starting to open, but none open yet.

We found a taxi (the driver of which was watching a porno on a portable TV when we found him) and had him drive back to our hotel. I told him that we'd been looking for breakfast but hadn't found anything. He laughed and said that only McDonald's was open at this hour. (which we'd explicitly avoided... we're not loving it. Heh... the slogan here is "Wir liebe es.". I got a picture.)

So we had a great breakfast at the hotel.

We've been walking around all morning. Meeting up with Elfy and her roommate (did I forget her name already, or maybe I never heard it?) in 45 minutes to hike up to the top of the church, and then see a castle.

I've got to use a small bit of German, so I'm happy. Even Cole's getting his practice in.

Seems like LiveJournal's still working. That's good! :-)
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