Brad Fitzpatrick (brad) wrote,
Brad Fitzpatrick


This week pretty much kicked my ass.

And I'm not even talking about the LJ Abuse debacle. That was just icing on the molding cake. (although it did result in a really productive meeting with most everybody.... so that's kinda promising. good things on the horizon, and lots of confusion resolved. more later, elsewhere.)

But things that actually depressed me were things like:

* still not getting new servers (so now we're hurting even more for databases)

* dealing with bandwidth contracts (finally resolved, but painful)

* Linux::AIO race. kinda our fault, but mostly not. this bug could take a whole post. (basically a mix of APIs taking posix fds vs. perl/C-level filehandles... we posix open an fd, make a perl/C-level fh from it, posix close that fd, something else later gets the same fd, but the original fh owning the original fd still exists... and when its refcount goes to 0, it's garbage collected and closes the new fd by the same number) We've worked around it, but it's not clean. Still needs work.

* ....

Man, I can't even think of the rest of it.

Our Oktoberfest, for some reason, is this weekend (in September), but it's supposed to be raining all weekend. I wonder if my Lederhosen are rain-proof?

Dina and I are going to watch a movie before I sysadmin it up all night.
Tags: perl, tech
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