Brad Fitzpatrick (brad) wrote,
Brad Fitzpatrick

Ah, memories.

I've been rearranging and cleaning my computer room at home and have found lots of misc crap:

-- hanging folders full of utility bills from Seattle

-- books of 33c, 34c, and 37c stamps. (what are they nowadays, even?)

-- binders of lawsuit threats from Canadians about my old website. (FreeVote was all the outrage in Canada --- "kids committing suicide in larger numbers than ever, thanks to bullying in school and now your website!") One of the most outraged parents sent letters to me, the President of UW, the Chair of the CS department, the CEO of Walmart (WTF?!?), the head of ABC news, and about 40 other random people.

-- old hanging folders from classes as far back as highschool. (packrat!)

Yup, lot of crap. Let's see how much I can make myself throw away.
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