Brad Fitzpatrick (brad) wrote,
Brad Fitzpatrick

Novell's stupid form

I'm trying to download SUSE enterprise server 9 or whatever it's called.

I create an account to get the free download.

It asks me:

How many Linux servers are you presently running in your organization?
I answer with the right number range.

When do you plan to transition additional servers to Linux?Transition? We don't have any non-Linux servers. My options:

"Transitioning now"
"No plans at this time"

Uh, "Transitioning now" .... I guess.

What legacy server operating systems are you migrating to Linux?

I can select NT, Win2k, Solaris, AIX, UX, Netware... but can't select "None" or "Other Linux". I'm forced to select one, so I select them all. Whatever.

When do you plan to transition some or all of your desktops to Linux?

Again, I can't say, "We're already all Linux". So I pick "We're transitioning now".

What is your relationship with Novell?

My choices: New Customer, Existing Customer, Partner, Employee.

Again, none of the above. I'm not a customer at all. I'm downloading it to eval it. Okay, maybe "New Customer" then.

Hate forms.

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