Brad Fitzpatrick (brad) wrote,
Brad Fitzpatrick


San Francisco was fun. You can read Dina's post for details.

Monday, Tuesday, and today kinda kicked my ass. Dozens of things going in all directions and having to switch direction left and right.

The moon is pretty tonight. See Ellen's post for a pic.

Go Sox? I didn't watch the game. I used to collect baseball cards... when I was like 5. I had a lot of Wade Boggs cards in my Red Sox binder.

Took a SUSE AMD64 kernel and put it on Debian. Working with MySQL support to get a 64-bit MySQL that actually runs without hanging or segfaulting. I guess 64-bit ABI isn't worked out yet? *sigh*

I dropped off my ballot today. (Oregon votes by mail, but it's too late to mail them, so I took it to a drop site.) BE SURE TO VOTE. And please, if I have any influence on you at all, don't vote Bush. That lying, corrupt bastard needs to be kicked out. Under the Bush administration we've lost civil liberties, succumbed to fear, ran through all our government's money (and then some) terrorizing the Middle East, and the rest of the world hates us now. Kerry isn't necessarily the best answer, but he's the best alternative to Bush. Please, vote Kerry.

Flame on.
Tags: mysql, tech
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