Brad Fitzpatrick (brad) wrote,
Brad Fitzpatrick

Go 64-bit MySQL!

And MySQL still crashes on SUSE Enterprise Linux 9.1!

(phew... so it wasn't Debian's fault)

So far this means:

Debian AMD64 + Linux 2.6.9 + 64-bit debian mysql = hangs
Debian AMD64 + Linux 2.6.9 + 64-bit dynamic .tgz = crash/hang
Debian AMD64 + Linux 2.6.9 + 64-bit support static binaries = crash/hang
Debian AMD64 + 32-bit binary = works
SUSE Enterprise Linux 9.1 + 64-bit dynamic rpm = crash

I'm starting to think 64-bit MySQL is a dream but I know other people are doing it.

Tags: mysql, tech
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