Brad Fitzpatrick (brad) wrote,
Brad Fitzpatrick

More Porch of Fear stories...

We've lost or almost lost a number of kids who walked up, realized it was too scary, and walked away. Except we can hear them talking about it outside so we jump to turn on the lights and then they love it and spend a couple minutes on the porch looking at everything while their moms (the latest dressed as Snowwhite) tell them it's all fake.

Two teenagers just came up, didn't understand that the front door was roped off two different ways, and missed the sign directing them around the side ("Spooky Treasure" and an arrow), so Dina opened the side door, leaking in creak open with some light coming out. Then they got it and came around. Dina told them to take a handful and they asked, "Can we take two?" Dina's like, "No, seriously.. TAKE A HANDFUL." (we have so much candy) As they walked off we hear them go, "Dude, that was awesome... there was a girl and we got tons of candy."

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