Brad Fitzpatrick (brad) wrote,
Brad Fitzpatrick


In Atlanta now, for LISA. Our sysadmin, aptly named lisa, has been here already for the past few days, doing the tutorial thing.

The last real air I breathed was from my car to the airport in Portland: from PDX I went onto a plane (via the walkway), then direct to Atlanta, off the plane (via a walkway), to the lightrail station in the airport, direct to a food court, through the food court and up an elevator, and I was at the hotel.

So it looks sunny, but I have no clue about the heat or humidity since I've only been in air-conditioning all the way from Portland. (the plane was even cold, which was a nice change....)

And now this:
Welcome to the Marriott high-speed Internet access provided by STSN. Your purchase is being processed. Get ready to fly at speeds much faster than your standard modem!
Bet they're selling a lot of net access with this conference.
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